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TODAY show
  • TODAY show

  • How could I have forgotten to blog about painting on the TODAY show?? That is how busy it has been for the last two years. When you average 25 events per week, there is no time to blog or post! It’s always time to clean our kits and head on to the next job….. [...]
  • EverAfter

  • We have been doing weekly events for EverAfter, which is a beautiful store for children's clothing and accessories. There are two locations in Manhattan; in Tribeca and on Madison Ave on the upper east side, and a location in Long Island at the Wheatley Mall. [...]
  • Gucci

  • One of the highlights of August 2017 was painting at the Gucci Store for a series of events! Gucci was debuting a new clothing line for children and they sent over the logos and asked us to recreate them. The logos were really cute and made great little cheek [...]