Home Face Art by Melissa at the fabulous Fund Fair 2017 in NYC!

Face Art by Melissa at the fabulous Fund Fair 2017 in NYC!

The Naked Heart Foundation and amfAR, the foundation of AIDS research, joined together to create a Halloween edition of the fabulous Fund Fair this past October! This celebrity driven fundraiser event was held on Oct. 28th, and my team and I were part of a larger team of 150 hair and makeup artists to get the staff ready.

Instead of a traditional sit down dinner fundraiser, the event had carnival booths manned by gorgeous models and bartenders that we painted as skulls, as well as celebrities (The Victoria Secret Models!). Guests played the games at each booth to win luxury gifts.

The event was art directed by Jeff Koons, with Nas and Charli XCX performing and I was lucky enough to get to watch the show after our work was done! It was a beautiful event for an amazing cause and definitely the highlight of our Halloween season!

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