• Susan

I wanted to tell you how much we loved your artist....she did a beautiful job on the girls' faces and was just perfect with a room full of 5 year olds. Thank you!
  • Victoria

As always, it was a real pleasure to have you at Juan's bday party! Looking forward to celebrating again with you really soon!
  • Gina

Your artist was wonderful! We were very happy with everything. Thank you! Best, Gina
  • Vikki

Your artist was wonderful - so talented and very sweet with all the kids, and very accommodating by staying a little longer. Thanks so much for everything - the kids really enjoyed getting their faces painted and with such detail too! I received many comments from parents on how this was the best face paint ever! I'm sure they'll be calling you soon! Thanks again!
  • Gayle

  • NYBG
Thank you again for your wonderful work here at New York Botanical Gardens for our Dia de los Muertos celebrations. It was enjoyed by all, and I think your artists saw that!See you Mother's Day weekend!!
  • Linda

  • UES
Thanks so much Melissa, you were the hit of the party! All the best, Linda UES
  • Goldie

Thank you for everything, Melissa:)!!! You're a pleasure to deal with!!!!!
  • Agnes

  • School Fair Chair
You and your artist both did an amazing job!! This was my first time running the festival, and I am so pleased with how many happy little painted faces I saw. I received numerous compliments on how great the kids looked and how amazing you both were.Thank you for doing such a great job and you'll definitely hear from me again for this event next year. I will also happily recommend you for other events as well.You rock! We hope to definitely see you again next time...Agnes, School Fair Chair
  • Rosalinda

Melissa, your artist was outstanding. The children had a wonderful time. I am very happy I chose to go with you. Thanks for everything and I will definitely continue a relationship with your business. All my best, Rosalinda
  • Alessandra

I wanted to thank you for being wonderful! You're a fantastic lady and a beautiful artist. It was a pleasure meeting with you. I will certainly recommend you to all of my friends.Everyone at the party said you are amazing! Best, Alessandra
  • Jenna

The artist you sent to our party was excellent! That's only feedback I have. Thank you so much!!!!
  • Roberta

Thank you again for coming and making the party fantastic, once again! See you next year!
  • Patti

Your face painter was fabulous! Everyone was raving about her. She arrived a half hour early to set up and was wonderful with the children. She worked quickly and really painted some amazing faces! Thanks for everything!
  • Kate

  • Owner of Four Corners Creative, NYC
Thank you so much for painting at our dance party this weekend! Your work goes above and beyond anything we've ever seen and truly,you make our parties so special! SO many mothers complimented your work and I'm just thankful you give us some of your time to join us for our parties!! We will see you soon for sure!
  • Laura

  • Mom
The artist you sent was fantastic. So nice, so professional . . . did adorable art and was great with the kids.  She arrived early as promised and was all set when the kids arrived. They loved the experience.
On another note . . . one thing that was helpful that you did vs. other companies I called . . . you were EXTREMELY nice/professional/kind over the phone (which is huge when you're making all arrangements over the phone and not seeing someone in person).  Some places only email you. You also promptly emailed me art samples.  No one else does that. That was also helpful. You also were straight forward about the cost and didn't have any confusing "special deals". You were not overpriced, but instead charge the average cost (from my research) of what it would be to have a face painter at a party. I also appreciated the contract and follow up emails.
Bottom line, you do it right! I would definitely recommend your company.
Thank you so much! The party was awesome! I attached a picture of our Birthday Girl, Alannah!
Take care and I will def be in touch for future party needs.

  • Julie

  • UWS
We think you are the best and nicest face painter in the world! Really!!
Imogens Mom
  • Imogen's Mom

  • UWS
I was so happy to see you in Time Out NY! The kids saw it first and went completely bonkers! You're like the president to them now.
  • Julie

  • Igokids.com
Dear Melissa,
I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did.  The kids looked absolutely fantastic and everyone was so happy with your work.  I hope there's another event I can work with you on again.  You were really just the best.  Thank you again.
  • Liz H.

  • UES
I just wanted to thank you for doing such an amazing job today with all your fabulous face/arm painting! The artwork and creativity was amazing and I got SO MANY compliments about you! Thanks again!
  • Alison R.

You were great and all my friends are already talking about wanting to hire you for their next special occasion!
  • Stacy B.

  • UES
Just wanted to say thank you for today! You made my girls day super special! They finally took off the paint as they were getting into bed and went down fighting. Everyone was raving about you and several people have already asked me for your contact details for future reference. i have some great pics for you I will send if you want to use them for your portfolio. Thanks so much and if you need any sort of reference don't hesitate to contact me!
  • The Free Art Society

Your artistry added so much to the World of Wonderland.
  • Cara J.

  • UWS
You added so much extra sparkle to our party. You are delightful and we loved having you! Hope to have you again at a future occasion!
  • Tanisha D.

Melissa!!! Words cannot explain how happy I am that you were able to attend the party. Your work is simply amazing! EVERY last one of my guests felt that your work was amazing. You were super patient with the kids. You were so sweet and the work was just outstanding. I've given away a few of your cards to people that did not take one themselves. You were a huge part of the party success. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. When I do another event, I will definitely contact you.
  • Anna B.

  • UES
Thanks for everything. You did a great job. The little faces and the glitter tattoos were amazing and I could tell that the kids felt totally comfortable with you. We will see you again soon I hope, for one of their next parties.
  • Jennifer C

  • Claremont Prep.
You are such a talent and a dream to work with. What a treat for both the kids and the parents! Thank you again, xx
  • Didi

We loved having you. You are always the highlight of the party!!
Noah's 1st Birthday
  • Neeli

I wanted to thank you so much for your creativity and beautiful artwork today.  It was a true hit.  Thanks for making Noah’s 1st birthday party so special
  • Debra

We LOVED having you there – you did such a beautiful job!! I will tell everyone I know about you!
  • Rachel

Thank you again for your wonderful face painting yesterday!  It was a major hit!
  • Anna Notaro

  • Agent, State Farm Insurance
Thank you for painting at the street fair for us. Your painting really drew a crowd, you did a fantastic job!!
  • Sarah H. Hsiao HuYoung, Santuary for Families

On behalf of the Sanctuary Mothers Council and all of our clients who attended yesterday’s event, thank you so much for your extraordinary talent and face painting skills!  You literally transformed the kids and brought enormous smiles to their faces.  Thanks so much for being such an integral part of the Mothers Council Thanksgiving Feast and bringing so much joy to children and adults alike.  We are especially grateful that you were able to stay past the event’s end time to paint every last child- that was so generous of you. Many thanks again for your amazing support!  Have a great week-