The Today Show

I had so much fun at Take Your Kid To Work Day at the IVillage office last Spring.. The job was a blast, (the kids were great!) and the IVillage Moms asked to me to film 6 face painting tutorials for the IVillage website!

I created the designs, and filmed the videos at the beginning of October… then found out that an IVillage producer was going on the TODAY show a few days before Halloween to promote the videos! I went along to paint several kids who went onstage for a little Halloween parade, and the producer went on live and painted her kids with my designs from the tutorials. What a blast to be in that studio!

It was so exciting painting for the TODAY show. I love my job…I never know where it will lead me but it is always busy and exciting!


Puppy Love at the TODAY Show!


Such a beautiful Princess!


The "Green Room" backstage at the TODAY Show


Dinosaur roar!