Face Art By Melissa

We add sparkle and fun to any event with fabulous face painting, magical princess visits, authentic looking airbrush tattoos, rainbow hair braiding and fairy hair, gorgeous glitter tattoos and much more!

We are a team of 18 artists and we average 50bookings per week. We receive 15-20 new inquiries every day, so the slots fill up very quickly.

We are excited to help bring something special and fun to your event!


Phone Number: +19173301924


One artist can paint 10 kids per hour, one hour is $200. 90 minutes is great for 15 kids, the rate is $275. Two hours is great for 20 kids, the rate is $350. If you have 25-30 kids you can book two artists for 90 minutes, the rate is $550. If you have more than 30 kids, please let us know and we will customize a quote for you!

Balloon Twisting

For balloon twisting, one hour is $250 and great for 20 kids. Balloons are best booked either throughout the party OR for the last part of the party (depending on # of kids) as they do pop and kids can get really upset if there is no one there to repair them. Plus it is so nice to see all the kids happily leaving the party with a fully intact balloon!

Princess Visits

Our princess visits consist of a gorgeous princess character to appear at your event. For one hour bookings- she can sing 1-2 songs live-lead music based games, do photo opps with the kids and answer loads of questions, do a crowning ceremony for the child of honor with a special keepsake crown, read a story, and sing Happy Birthday if she is booked during cake time!

Glitter Tattoos

If you are interested in Glitter Tattoos, those are the same price as face painting, ($200 per hour, $350 for 2 hours) but we can tattoo about 12-14 kids per hour. We use only cosmetic grade glitter and skin safe medical adhesive. We bring over 30 choices for the kids to select from! If you would like us to bring custom designs, those can be designed, cut and shipped for an extra fee.

Magic Shows

Maybe you would like to add a Magic Show to your party? Magic Show pricing ranges from $375 for a fun and funny 45 minute Magic Show, to $450 for a fun and funny magic show with dove and bunny. Magic shows are based on availability.

Rainbow Hair Braiding

Rainbow hair braiding is such a fun party service! Your hair artist will bring many different colors of braiding hair for the children to select from, along with a luxe kit of hair accessories. Rate is $250 per hour. We encourage each child to choose 2-3 special clips to adorn their braid. For most parties, we suggest sticking to a single ponytail braid for each child, with the rainbow or ombre braiding hair woven in.

Fairy Hair

We also do Fairy Hair ($200 per hour)

otherwise known as “Hair Tinsel.” This service is popular for both kids and adults. One artist can do multiple strands in one hour for 10 guests. If there is time, we always go back and offer additional strands to each guest. Fairy Hair can last several days or can slide right out, as it is tied with only a single knot, and removes easily.

Airbrush Tattoos For Kids

For kids, we have many fun, colorful and popular designs. Our airbrush art lasts a few days or removes easily with liquid soap or rubbing alcohol. Each airbrush artist can do about 15+ fun tattoos per hour, it is a FAST service.

Airbrush art is best for large, multiple hour events. The service requires 30 minutes early arrival to set up and takes 30 minutes to break down after your event. Artist will need access to electricity to perform service. Airbrush art has a three hour minimum; airbrush art is $250 per hour per artist. Airbrush kits are too heavy for the subway, travel fee may be required to cover car service.

Caricature Art

Caricature art will thrill your guests! Our artists will draw an amazing likeness of your guest in 5-7 minutes. If there is time, they will add some splashes of color. Each artist has their own special style and all that is required is a small table with two chairs in a well lit area. Your artist will place each drawing in a protective bag for your artist to take home and enjoy. Caricature Art is $250 an hour with a 2 hour minimum.

Nail Art For Kids

Cute and fun manicures are a hit with kids at any party! Your guest will get their choice of hand lotions, get a quick hand massage form our nail artists, and choose their favorite nail color. They can also choose a sparkle coat or nail stickers and then some quick dry polish. Nail art is $200 per hour per artist.

Party Games Host

Need help keeping the party vibe going? Hire our Party Games Host! We offer old school games such as: Freeze dance and other fun musical games such as Limbo, Simon Says, Duck Duck Goose, Parachute games… and we can add any of your favorites games, as well! We can offer a 45 minute package of games with cute prizes for all, for $225 or an hour of games and prizes is $300.

Art Projects

Need help keeping your little party guests busy and want to engage them in a creative project? We can accommodate most any theme; simple easy craft projects to full on Art Lessons! Pricing varies per project but all projects start roughly around $30 per project. This service includes early arrival to set up, an art teacher, and clean up afterwards. Unicorns, dinosaurs and rainbow art projects are our specialty!

Lash Bar/Glitter Bar

Great for teen parties and adult events, we bring gem clusters, chunky glitters and/or a full range of lash styles. Having a neon event? We can bring UV lashes and gems! We can also do graphic liner or add on an option of Lipstick Bar with Sparkles. This service is $225 per hour per artist and includes all lash and gem cluster supplies.

Bracelet Station

This fun new service is a hit for both kids and adults! We bring a wide variety of beautiful and fun beads so everyone can get creative! Our bracelet station comes with an art teacher to arrive early to set up and break down, and help your guests throughout their design process! This service has a 90 minute minimum and is $475 for 90 minutes.

Henna Airbrush Tattoos

This airbrush service looks very similar to real henna but it dries instantly and there is no smearing as there is no henna paste applied. We can do your henna style tattoos in a gorgeous brown paint or crisp white paint. Your henna artist will adorn your tattoo with gems and glitter for the final touches. Our henna style airbrush tattoos are $225 per hour per artist and this service requires access to electricity.

Airbrush Tattoos For Teens/Adults

This is a great service for teen and adult events. Care for a full sleeve, anyone? Our artists will render a realistic tattoo with depth and textures that will rival the look of a real tattoo. These tattoos last a few days or can be removed easily with rubbing alcohol. Dragons, roses, skulls; we have a huge selection and can also design tattoos for any theme, including business or event logos. Airbrush art is best for large, multiple hour events. The service requires 30 minutes early arrival to set up and takes 30 minutes to break down after your event. We have a three hour minimum; airbrush art is $250 per hour per artist.

Balloon Decor

This service is great for all types of events! Balloon decor always brings a party up to the next level! Decor will match your theme and theme colors. Pricing varies on what type of decor is desired.

Have a vision for your party? Text our design team inspo pics at 347-458-8369! Need help creating a theme for your party? This services includes a walk through of your party space by our decor designer before your event. He will then formulate a quote. Once the quote is accepted and payment is made, all the supplies needed for your custom decor will be purchased.