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tony1Happy happy news! Face Art by Melissa has been chosen as one of NYC’s Top 6 Birthday Party Entertainers by Time Out NY Kids!

I was invited to stop by the Time Out office in late May with a couple of kids to paint.  I opted to bring my own, which took bribing.

As a rule, face painters’ kids are pretty much burnt out on face painting early on in life…
because we paint them incessantly until they can’t take it any more.
And my kids are sooo wiggly. The wiggliest.
I had to bring chocolate, just in case. Kind of ironic that the little faces that I love best, I never get to paint any more (unless there is chocolate or a couple of bucks involved)It feels like such an amazing honor to be featured. I’m so on top of the world about it!Anyway, happy to say that everyone behaved and the shoot went great. I didn’t even have to pass out the chocolate.

(Ok, I admit, I ate it later myself)

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