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How could I have forgotten to blog about painting on the TODAY show?? That is how busy it has been for the last two years. When you average 25 events per week, there is no time to blog or post! It’s always time to clean our kits and head on to the next job…..

A year ago last October, I was asked to do a belly painting LIVE on the TODAY show. The segment was filmed to promote Sara Blakely’s new book about belly painting, The Belly Art Project. Sara Blakely is the founder of SPANX, and her book, The Belly Art Project, which benefits Every Mother Counts, which is a non profit that works to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for women everywhere.

It was October, we were painting outside; it was COLD, it was EARLY, it was LIVE, and it was FABULOUS! My model was gorgeous and I loved painting a mandala style design on her beautiful belly! She even got a picture with Hoda! What a blast and definitely a memorable morning!!

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